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Celebrate the beginning of Spring with the Randburg Harriers Race as part of the Discovery Vitality Run Series. This is race 3 of 4 in the Series. You can either run the actual route or run any route of your choice over your entered distance.

Entrants running from Randburg Harriers will be required to select a 20 minute starting slot between 6am and 9am on either the Saturday or the Sunday.
Starting slots will have runner thresholds to comply with Covid-19 regulations. Virtual runs from Randburg Harriers will be unsupported with no waterpoints.

Every-day traffic rules will apply.

Once runners are done they will be required to upload their time through the provided STRAVA link or submit a manual time to the race portal. Failure to do this will lead to the entrant's name not appearing on the results.

Please support our charities with an additional donation


Tickets http://www.entryninja.com/events/76866-randburg-harriers-21km-race

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