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RANDBURG HARRIERS Constitution. 25 September 2013


1. Name

The name of the Club will be Randburg Harriers, hereinafter called “the Club”, and will form part of the Randburg Harriers, Cricket, and Cresta Wheelers Club.

2. Definitions

2.1 ASA Athletics South Africa
2.2 CGA Central Gauteng Athletics
2.3 AGM Annual General Meeting
2.4 SGM Special General Meeting

3. Headquarters

The Headquarters will be in Randburg, or any centre as may be decided upon by two thirds of members present at an AGM or SGM.

4. Area of Control

The Area of Control will be such area as falls within the jurisdiction of CGA.

5. Club Colours

5.1 Shorts
Black shorts
5.2 Vests
White vests, either with black piping around the neck and arms, or with black inserts below the underarms, with the word RANDBURG in black lettering 52 mm high across the chest. The words RANDBURG and HARRIERS will be in black lettering 52 mm high on the back. The word RANDBURG will be arched up and the word HARRIERS arched down. The word RANDBURG will be above the word HARRIERS.
5.3 Cropped Tops
Black cropped tops with a white rectangular badge measuring 120 mm by 40 mm embroidered with the word Randburg in letters 25 mm high. The badge will be stitched 50 mm from the edge of the neck line in the middle of the front of the cropped top. A white badge with the words RANDBURG HARRIERS in black lettering with the word RANDBURG on the top and the word HARRIERS on the bottom. The black lettering will be 15 mm in height. The badge will be stitched on the back of the cropped top.

6. Aims and Objectives

The Aims and Objective of the Club will be the fostering, promotion and development of all branches of athletics for which there is sufficient interest by members.

7. Ways and Means of Achieving Aims and Objectives

7.1 By affiliating to CGA or other bodies as necessary.
7.2 By the production, publication and distribution of literature of interest.
7.3 By providing assistance to those interested in athletics.
7.4 By the organisation of races and training events.
7.5 By promoting athletics meetings or assisting with the promotion of meetings organised by other bodies.
7.6 By raising funds to enable members to participate in athletic events in other regions or countries if so decided by the Committee or for any other purpose deemed desirable.
7.7 By any other means which is not at variance with the aims and objectives of CGA.

8. Membership

8.1 Ordinary members
All members falling under the jurisdiction of CGA.
8.2 Non-active members
Persons who take an interest in the sport of athletics.
8.3 Junior members
As defined by CGA.
8.4 Honorary life members
Persons elected at an AGM or SGM in recognition of their services to the Club.
8.5 Life members
Persons as defined by Clauses 8.1 or 8.2 above who, on payment of an agreed fee decided at an AGM or SGM, will thereafter remain members of the Club, without being required to pay any annual membership fees. Such a membership will however be subject to all other clauses of the Constitution.
8.6 Associate members
Persons who are domiciled outside the area of jurisdiction of CGA or persons licensed by and participating as a member of any other athletic club.
8.7 Honorary members
Persons elected at an AGM or SGM in recognition of their services to athletics.

9. Membership Fees

9.1 Membership fees will be fixed at an AGM or SGM. Fees are due on the 1st of December of each year. Members whose fees are unpaid at the 1st of March of any year will be considered to have resigned from the Club.
9.2 A person joining after the 1st of July in any year will be obliged to pay 50 % of the annual membership fee for the remaining period of that year, or a fee as decided by the Committee.
9.3 The Committee will fix an amount payable, if any, by associate members.

10. Termination of Membership

Every member shall remain a member until his/her membership is terminated, either by resignation on reasonable written notice, or by default in payment of subscriptions as provided in Clause 9.1.

11. Employees of the Club

The Committee can appoint part-time salaried officers as employees of the Club. These employees will perform duties as defined in a job description agreed to by the Committee before the appointment is made. The appointees are to be reviewed annually by the Committee. Any new position created during the year must be ratified by a simple majority of members present at an AGM or SGM.

12. Office Bearers and Committee Members

The following Office Bearers will be elected at the AGM and will be elected from members in good standing as defined in Clauses 8.1 to 8.5:
12.1 Chairperson
12.2 Vice Chairperson
12.3 Treasurer
12.4 Club Captain
12.5 Up to twelve additional Committee members, whose duties will be defined at the time of calling for nominations as described in Clause 13.
12.6 Honorary Auditor, who need not be present at the AGM but will have indicated his/her acceptance of such a position, in writing, prior to the meeting.
Executive Committee: 12.1 to 12.4 will form the Executive Committee.
The term of the elected Office Bearers will be one year. If elected positions on the Committee fall vacant prior to the completion of the one-year term, owing to resignation by the incumbent from the position, from the Committee, or as an ordinary member of the Club, the Committee may fill those positions from within the ranks of the existing elected Committee members.
Any member who is absent from three consecutive Committee meetings without leave of absence will be deemed to have resigned from the Committee.
Committee members (including co-opted Committee members provided for in Clause 16.10) will be indemnified against all liabilities arising from their bona fide actions or omissions in their capacity as Committee members. Committee members will not be liable for the acts, receipts, neglects or defaults of any other Club member or Office Bearer, or for any loss, damage or expense suffered by the Club, which occurs in the execution of the duties of his or her office. These indemnities will not extend to include any dishonest or fraudulent action of Committee members, or a failure by Committee members to exercise a reasonable degree of care, diligence and skill.

13. Nomination of Office Bearers

Written notice will be sent to all Club members 21 days prior to the AGM calling for nominations for the positions of Office Bearers as defined in Clause 12. Such nominations duly proposed and seconded by members in good standing will be signed and accepted by the nominee and will be returned to the Committee no later than seven days prior to the AGM.
In the event of no nominations being received for any position/s of Office Bearer/s as defined, nominations for such positions will be called for at the AGM.

14. Duties of Committee Members

14.1 Chairperson: will act as a Chairperson at all General and Committee meetings and will act as the Club Representative where required.
14.2 Vice Chairperson: will assist the Chairperson and will act as Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson.
14.3 Treasurer: will keep books of account for the Club and will prepare financial statements for audit.
14.4 Club Captain: will encourage members and promote interest in the athletic activities of the Club amongst Club members.
14.5 Additional Committee Members: will perform such tasks as decided upon by the Committee in order to promote the aims and objectives of the Club.

15. Management of the Club

15.1 The affairs of the Club will be managed by the Committee consisting of the Committee members defined in Clauses 12.1 to 12.5.
15.2 No person who is employed by the Club will be entitled to vote at Committee meetings.
15.3 Emergency decisions may be taken by an Executive Committee consisting of those Committee members as defined by Clauses 12.1 to 12.4 and such decisions will be ratified by the Committee members defined in Clauses 12.1 to 12.5 at the subsequent Committee meeting.

16. Power of the Club

The Committee will be vested with the following powers:
16.1 To form rules and do such things as may be necessary in the management of the Club but which will not be at variance with the rules of the CGA nor of this Constitution.
16.2 To screen new members.
16.3 To open, in the name of the Club, banking and/or building society accounts and to operate such accounts or to invest the money of the Club as deemed advisable in Clause 20.
16.4 To organise training events and races.
16.5 To make arrangements for holding the AGM and any SGM which may be required and to prepare and present audited reports at such meetings.
16.6 To subscribe to and make donations to such bodies as may be of interest to athletics.
16.7 To pay such Honoraria as may be deemed necessary from time to time.
16.8 To raise funds.
16.9 To appoint delegates to CGA or other bodies to which the Club may be affiliated.
16.10 To co-opt members to the Committee as deemed fit, but such co-opted members will have no vote on the Committee.
16.11 To take disciplinary action against any member for conduct at races or elsewhere which may be deemed unseemly or not in the interest of the Club or athletics. Such disciplinary action may result in the issuing of a written rebuke to the member, or the suspension of Club membership and its attendant benefits for a period of time, or the termination of the member’s Club membership. Such member will have the right to appeal to the Committee or to an AGM or SGM, whose decision will be final.
16.12 To appoint, employ and remunerate any officer as described in Clause 11.
16.13 To assist members financially and, with approval of the Committee, to allocate funds as deemed fit.
16.14 To purchase or acquire movable and immovable property and tangible and intangible assets of whatsoever nature.
16.15 To maintain, manage, develop, exchange, lease, sell, or in any way deal with the property and assets of the Club.

17. Meetings

There will be three categories of meetings:
17.1 Committee Meetings
Will not be held less than once every three months, and five days notice will be given to each Committee member as defined in Clauses 12.1 to 12.5. Six voting members will form a quorum at such meetings.
17.2 Annual General Meeting
Will be held annually before the end of October. Fourteen days written notice will be sent to all Club members and notice will also be posted on the Club notice board. Twenty voting members will form a quorum at such a meeting. In the event of there not being a quorum, a further meeting will be called within two weeks at the same time and place, at which the quorum will be ten voting members.
17.3 Special General Meeting
The Committee may itself, or upon the written request of at least six members as defined by Clauses 8.1 to 8.5 is obliged to, call a Special General Meeting. Fourteen
days written notice will be sent to all Club members giving justification for such a meeting. Notice will also be posted on the Club notice board. A quorum at such a meeting will be as defined by Clause 17.2.
Minutes will be kept of all meetings and confirmed at the subsequent meeting.

18. Procedure at Annual or Special General Meeting

18.1 Notice of meeting will be read.
18.2 Credentials of members will be checked.
18.3 Minutes of previous Annual and/or Special General Meeting will be read.
18.4 Matters arising from the previous meeting’s minutes will be dealt with.
18.5 Chairperson’s report will be read.
18.6 Audited financial report will be presented.
18.7 Any special matters in terms of the notice of meeting will be attended to.
18.8 Election of Office Bearers.
18.9 Appointment of Honorary Auditor.
18.10 Any matter of a general nature will be addressed.

19. Voting

19.1 At any General Meeting all members who are present and in good standing are eligible to vote, and will have one vote each. No person will exercise more than one vote, but the Chairperson or person presiding at the meeting will have a casting vote in addition to his/her deliberate vote. The vote of the majority of members will be binding on the Club except where otherwise specified.
19.2 Any member will be entitled to call for a secret ballot and the Chairperson of the meeting will decide on the method of the secret ballot.

20. Finances of the Club

The finances of the Club will accrue in the following ways:
20.1 By membership fees paid by members which will be fixed from time to time at an AGM or SGM.
20.2 Donations and gifts
20.3 From the sale of periodicals etc.
20.4 From profits on meetings and functions.
20.5 From investments of Club funds.
20.6 From sponsors.
20.7 From training events.
20.8 From other methods which may be decided by the Committee.

21. Control of Club Funds

21.1 Banking accounts will be operated by the Chairperson, Treasurer and one other member nominated by the Committee. Not more than one such authorised signatory may be from the same family.
21.2 Account books will be kept by the Treasurer.
21.3 Two signatories are required for withdrawals from bank accounts or any other investments.
21.4 Accounts for payment will be approved at a Committee meeting.
21.5 The end of the financial year will be 31st August annually.
21.6 The Committee may affect insurance which may be deemed necessary and which will be reviewed by the Committee at least annually.
21.7 The financial liability of individual members of the Club will be limited to a member’s unpaid subscriptions and any amount outstanding on personal loans granted by the Club to such members.
21.8 The Club will appoint an Honorary Auditor who will audit the books of account of the Club and will present and audit the report at the AGM.

22. Alteration of Constitution

Any alteration to this Constitution can only be made at an AGM, or an SGM called for this purpose. Notice of any proposed change must be embodied in the agenda accompanying the notice convening the meeting. The proposed change to the Constitution will be effective if agreed to by at least two thirds of the accredited members present at the meeting.

23. Rules and Bye-Laws

There may be in operation certain rules and bye-laws that can be added to, altered or deleted by the Committee at any meeting, but subject always to confirmation at an AGM or SGM.

24. Dissolution of the Club

Should the Club for any reason whatsoever be wound up, all the funds, equipment and any other assets belonging to the Club shall become the property of and revert to the individual members of the Club.
Such a decision to dissolve the Club shall only be effective if agreed upon by two thirds of the members present at an AGM or SGM.

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