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Randburg Harriers | 40th Birthday Celebration 

Randburg Harriers is Turning Back Time 2022 – 1982 for our 40th Birthday Celebration on 8th October @ 4pm Randburg Harriers Sports Complex

Our club was founded in 1982 by Dave Jack.  Whether you are a current member or have been a member during this period, you are invited to attend this very commemorative event!

As a club, Randburg Harriers has been through some extremely memorable and successful times and has also been through some tough times especially during the pandemic between 2020 and 2021.  However, 2022 has been a year of merging into a new era with a great attempt to bring club activities back.  First and foremost has been our races which were a redeemable success.  The comeback of the races has produced unforgettable camaraderie during Comrades 2022 with The Return being closely aligned with the heart of Randburg Harriers. Also the cross country and athletics teams have been making a comeback in leaps and bounds. With much to be thankful for, the club’s 40th Birthday hasn’t arrived at a better time where we can rejoice in the 40 years of establishment.

The dress code is smart, timeless and classic, so get out some creams, browns, blacks and classics as we prepare to go Back in Time for the Time of Your Life.

Booking is Essential, and we regret no Entries will be available at the Door!  Meal and Entertainment is included, Children under 12 are free and welcome to attend.

Kindly complete the RSVP link: https://forms.gle/LkTYKBBCUR2nctYS8

Payments to be made prior to form completion as the proof of payments will be required to be uploaded. The cost is R150 per person and the RSVP deadline is Monday 3 October 2022.

To commemorate the 40th Birthday, we have created Limited Edition Versus Socks. You can order these once off to add to your collection of Randburg Harriers memorabilia! Do not miss out on this ONCE OFF offer for OCTOBER ONLY! Orders can be placed here: https://forms.gle/ex9cCSZuvbzDg9wC7

#TurnBackTime #TimeOfYourLife #OneMomentInTime #CelebrationOfAllTime

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Running is one of the greatest sports on earth. All you need is a pair of shoes and you are ready to go run wherever and whenever you want. No opening times, no crowds waiting in line, no expensive equipment – just you and nature, or the treadmill. But running by yourself can be quite boring sometimes so we are providing you with 7 reasons why joining a running club like the Randburg Harriers has huge benefits for you and your running abilities.

Joining a running club could be one of the best decisions you ever make. No matter if you are a hobby runner who is trying to stay active, or if you are an experienced athlete competing in local timed runs, you will benefit from joining a running club. The following 7 benefits will help you feel confident in your decision to join a local running club... <click below for more>




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Cross country takes place during the winter months and takes place on varying terrains and in various areas.