Training your mind is as important as training your body, having strong robust mind will help you get through those difficult workouts. Here is Tip No.1 on Training the mind. Think while you run, be conscious of every stride, every breath and every movement, feel your run, take in all the sounds and smells, concentrate […]

Comrades Marathon Final Prep   What you need to know This article is not about how much mileage you have done and is it enough, it’s not about whether you have been at the track enough, it really has very little to do with training. You have probably heard this already but let me say […]

Its part of the program Lets start with the definition for training, this a definition from a different perspective….. Training:  The exercise and its matching recovery; whether it’s a single repetition, a single session or a group of sessions. There is always a corresponding recovery. Exercise without recovery is worthless. The exercising component is just one part of it, […]

Yes….. It is important As a coach I am always learning and researching better ways to guide my athletes to improved performance and more comfortable running and one of the facets I use is form conditioning. I don’t simply use form training to fix obvious visual issues but actually to fix the unseen imbalances that […]

A Marathon Question Are my long runs long enough, isn’t my mileage to low? How’s this speed stuff going to help me? These questions are often asked by my marathon and ultra marathon athletes. I decided to write this article because in the marathon and ultra marathon seasons I have these questions coming up often, so here […]

Cool downs After the article I wrote on Warm-up / Activation and explaining why is so important and also so misunderstood, I decided to write this article on cool down as this is just as important and unfortunately also just as misunderstood. Let’s start with the obvious. If you read my article on warm-ups, you […]

How hot should your warm-ups be?  I decided that it would be fitting that my first article for the Randburg Harriers Blog should be about warm-ups/ activation…… so this is my warm-up (or as I like to call it, activation) for the coach’s corner! As a coach I am always asked whether a warm-up is […]