Cross country takes place during the winter months and takes place on varying terrains and in various areas.  Unlike trail running the route is marked.  The cross country leagues take place on a Saturday afternoon with the first race starting at 11.20. Age group run separately and the distances run vary depending on the age group.  Sub-juniors, from under 8, run 2km, and the distances progress with age and sex.

Anyone can run Cross Country, it is not only for the elite. Ages from sub-junior up to grandmasters are catered for.

The entry fee for cross country races is R 10.00 per person, but Randburg Harriers pays the entrance fee for all its members. You need to run in your Randburg Harriers gear with your current licence number. If you forget your licence at home you will have to buy a temp number (which will be for your own account).  We try to consolidate lifts but due to the fact that the races are run in age groups and not all at one time makes this not always possible.

Cross country is a popular running type
Cross country is a popular running type

For those who have never run cross country before most of the venues are easy to find. Maps to the venues will be available at the club closer to the time.

To be selected to represent Central Gauteng Athletics (CGA) at the SA Cross Country Championships you have to have to have run in any 4 of the 8 Leagues, you also have to run in the CGA Cross Country Championships – View the fixtures below. You have to have submitted a copy of your Birth Certificate/ID Book before the 8th League. Your original document must be shown when you submit the copy so that the details can be verified. If you have previously submitted a copy and there is a “Y” next to your name on the results then there is no need to re-submit.



To be considered for Randburg Harriers Cross Country Awards the same criteria as being selected to represent CGA applies.

If you need any further details please don’t hesitate to speak to me at the Club on a Thursday evening or contact me by phone on 0832639308 or e-mail

Val Brentano

Club Captain