Running is a great sport and a great way to get out into the outdoors and to meet new people. It’s a wonderful social sport! But how many of us carry identification or emergency contact information? If you were involved in an accident whilst out on the road, would your friends or the people around […]

I run… …when I’m stressed. …when I’m sad. …when I’m happy. …when I need to think. …for me. It’s my therapy!The Pirate Mama Following my successful completion of, according to many, one of the toughest foot races in the world – the historic Spartathlon over 246 kilometres in Greece – the “runner’s high” was like […]

Randburg Harriers is proud to announce that business will continue as per usual with Club Runs 2.0. Same days (Saturday and Sunday), Same Venue (Randburg Clubhouse), Same Time (06:00), Same Fantastic Support along the route. Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your dog and join in on what promises to be 2 great days […]

  Please be informed that in accordance with the Randburg Harriers Constitution, Clause 17.2, the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of RANDBURG HARRIERS, will be held as follows:   DATE:              Wednesday, 19 October 2016   TIME:               18:30   VENUE:            RH CLUB HOUSE AT RANDBURG SPORTS COMPLEX, RANDBURG     The AGM Agenda is available for download here. Members […]

We have a winner.  Congratulations to Angela Blake.  Angela wins the incredible Comrades prize consisting of flights to Durban, accommodation and transfers for 2 to this years Comrades Marathon.  We are so thrilled for you Angela!

Comrades Marathon Final Prep   What you need to know This article is not about how much mileage you have done and is it enough, it’s not about whether you have been at the track enough, it really has very little to do with training. You have probably heard this already but let me say […]

Its part of the program Lets start with the definition for training, this a definition from a different perspective….. Training:  The exercise and its matching recovery; whether it’s a single repetition, a single session or a group of sessions. There is always a corresponding recovery. Exercise without recovery is worthless. The exercising component is just one part of it, […]

Yes….. It is important As a coach I am always learning and researching better ways to guide my athletes to improved performance and more comfortable running and one of the facets I use is form conditioning. I don’t simply use form training to fix obvious visual issues but actually to fix the unseen imbalances that […]

A Marathon Question Are my long runs long enough, isn’t my mileage to low? How’s this speed stuff going to help me? These questions are often asked by my marathon and ultra marathon athletes. I decided to write this article because in the marathon and ultra marathon seasons I have these questions coming up often, so here […]