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Did Not Finish. The three little words that strike fear into the hearts of all endurance athletes. Seeing a DNF listed next to your name after an event, particularly one you’ve trained all year for, can make you feel like you’ve failed, but the failure would have been in not daring to try. Things don’t […]

Training your mind is as important as training your body, having strong robust mind will help you get through those difficult workouts. Here is Tip No.1 on Training the mind. Think while you run, be conscious of every stride, every breath and every movement, feel your run, take in all the sounds and smells, concentrate […]

Discovery Vitality is proud to announce the launch of a brand new venture in partnership with four of Johannesburg’s most established running clubs – the Discovery Vitality Run Series. Designed to help people improve their health through physical activity, the Discovery Vitality Run Series connects four iconic running events in the city of Johannesburg, the […]

PRESS RELEASE: RANDBURG HARRIERS ADRIENNE HERSCH CHALLENGE NOTICE OF POSTPONEMENT   Randburg Harriers would like to announce the postponement of the Adrienne Hersch Challenge from 7 May 2017 to 10 September 2017. Due to a number of administrative challenges, it was decided that it was in the clubs best interest to postpone to a later […]