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John-Neale-photoAuthor’s note
I first wrote this article in 2004, after I’d been training on the track at Randburg Harriers for several years. I’d observed that some athletes – of all abilities – sometimes displayed a certain lack of awareness, consideration and courtesy. I compiled the article in an attempt to raise the level of awareness, with the ultimate aim of improving everyone’s enjoyment of track training. I had been writing the article for several weeks when I came across an article by Terry Mackintosh in the “Walking” section of the March 2004 edition of Runner’s World, entitled “Track etiquette”. Happily, there was broad agreement and consistency in our views, but I did borrow a few ideas from that article, which I acknowledge here. This revision of the article does include a few additional points, based on observations I’ve made in the past eight years or so of track training, and information gleaned from a few websites.

Pace variation

Let's look at the variation in pace between athletes a bit more closely. A really fast athlete can easily do short intervals at a pace of about 02:45/km. This is a speed of 6.1 m/s. An athlete that is jogging between intervals may be moving as slow as 07:30/km, or just 2.2 m/s. In this case, the fast athlete is travelling nearly three times faster than the slower athlete. Put another way, the fast athlete is covering over 12 m in the time it takes to say "Jack Robinson"!

Closing the gap

To illustrate how fast one athlete can catch another, let's look at our fast- and slow-moving athletes again. The difference in their speed is 3.9 m/s. This means that it will take the faster athlete just over 26 seconds (less than half a minute) to close a gap of 100 m between them.

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