Running is a great sport and a great way to get out into the outdoors and to meet new people.
It’s a wonderful social sport!

But how many of us carry identification or emergency contact information? If you were involved in an accident whilst out on the road, would your friends or the people around you know who to contact, or what your blood type is, or if you have any allergies, or what your medical aid information is? Chances are that nobody will have this important information!

This is where an ICE ID bracelet could be a lifesaver!

Randburg Harriers in conjunction with ICE ID have created a special ICE ID bracelet just for our members.

ice 1

The embossed Randburg Harriers logo does not have any colour and therefore isn’t very visible. However, if we can get a minimum of 150 orders, then we can get our logo embossed in white during the manufacturing process. The bracelets would then look similar to this one:-

The cost would be approximately R220 and our order would take 3-4 weeks to be processed.
ice 2
If you are interested, then please send an email to to put your name down for the order.

If we get at least 150 orders, then we will get the colour embossed bracelets. Otherwise we will order the plain bracelets.

Randburg Harriers supports road safety and we hope that all of our members will take advantage of this great opportunity.