Saturday, May 23, 2015
until Comrades Marathon 2015
until Comrades Marathon 2015

Cross Country 2015

In less than 32 days, Central Gauteng Athletics will be hosting the first Cross Country league for the 2015 season at Delta Park. This first league event will take place on the 2 May 2015 at Delta Park in Randburg will be hosted by RAC.

The 2015 Cross Country season is expected to be a massive season with a number of exciting innovative ideas and the improvement on the bar code results system that the commission introduced last season.

With the cross country season set to commence in May 2015, CGA would like to appeal to clubs and athletes that will be taking part in the Cross Country Season 2015 to pre-register so that the athletes can be entered on the results system database as this is a precaution put in place to minimize the spelling and ages mistakes and will help in having an accurate database of athletes information for the 2015 season. Please take note that athletes who compete without a barcode will not appear on the results.

After a very successful 2014 cross country season with more than 12 000 athletes participated over 8 league events hosted in various areas we are hoping to continue on last year’s success. Delta Park is well known for being a tough course but enjoyed by many athletes. Hope to see you there.


Please email Val Brentano at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to register for the upcoming season. 


View Cross Country Schedule 


Adrienne Hersch Challenge Enter Now


Entries have officially opened for the Adrienne Hersch Challenge 2015. 

Enter online now at

View Flyer Here

For more information view Races - Adrienne Hersch Challenge 


KFC Valentines Night Race 2015 - Results

KFC Valentines Night Run a Run-away Success

A HUGE THANK YOU to each and every one person who assisted us at the 2015 KFC Valentines 10km Night Race on Friday last week.

It was an amazing event and we exceeded our expectations with a record finishing field of 5100 runners.

We hope you all enjoyed your part and will be up for the task again when our next race

the ‘Adrienne Hersch Challenge’ takes place on the 10th May 2015.


Read more about the race on Randburg Sun

Form and Posture Session a GO

The first Randburg Form and Posture session was held on Wednesday 4 February 2015, under the guidance of Randburg Harriers club coach Clinton Hunter.

These sessions are FREE to anyone; regardless of if they are a member of Randburg Harriers or not; and will aid athletes in improving running economy and efficiency.

The sessions include technique drills for runners and each activity helps to develop important components of proper and economical running technique. There are several reasons for using the activities:

  • The exercises serve as an excellent warm-up tool for both training and competitive situations. Running drills should imitate specific characteristics of technically sound running form, including upright posture of the trunk and spinal column, proper carriage of the arms during the running stride, proper knee drive and leg action and the coordinated dynamic balance associated with shifting weight from one leg to the other
  • The drills help to develop the important proprioceptive and kinaesthetic (body awareness) abilities that a runner must have to deal with changes in terrain while running, and to ''change gears" while training or racing. The drills are performed slowly at first while developing a "feel" for proper technique, and proper technique is then gradually carried over to drills and runs carried out at faster speeds
  • The exercises also help to strengthen specific muscle groups needed for powerful running, especially the muscles of the feet, calves, shins, thighs and hips. The ankle, knee and hip joints undergo considerable flexion and extension during the running stride, and each of these joints is exercised through a similar or greater range of motion during the various drills

Strengthen and tone your muscles, improve your endurance, increase your tempo and take your running to new heights!

Conditioning, Form and Posture Group Sessions are held on Wednesday afternoons at 5:30 pm at Randburg Harriers

Randburg Harriers Helpers and Awards Evening

The Randburg Harriers Helpers and Awards Evening was held on Friday, 30 January 2015, to celebrate the club winners from 2014, as well as recognise special contributions and performances during 2014. 

View the full list of award winners here

Please note that while special care is taken to ensure accurate results, some of the results are subject to change, due to issues with Club Specification on Championchip results. 

Beth Libby-Neale - 1st Veteran Female (42km); Club Champion & 1st Veteran Female (10km); Club Champion & 1st Veteran Female (21km); 1st Veteran Female (32km)

Betty Phungwayo  Cross Country Veteran Female 40-44) and Rene Strydom (Cross Country Veteran Female 45-49)Simon Maake - Club Champion & 1st Senior Male (32km)Sarah Crooks - 1st Master Female (21km); 1st Master Female (32km)Ellie Visagie - 1st Grandmaster Female (32km)John Edwards - First Grandmaster Male (8km Time Trial); 1st Grandmaster Male (32km)Zoe Brentano - Cross Country Senior Female; 1st Senior Female (21km); Club Champion & 1st Senior Female (8km Time Trial)Innocent Ndlovu - Cross Country Senior Male; Club Champion & 1st Senior Male (10km); Club Champion & 1st Senior Male (21km)Reform Ndlovu - Cross Country Master Male 50-54; 1st Master Male (10km); 1st Master Male (21km); 1st Master Male (32km)Ruth Manson - 1st Senior Female (10km)Trevor Taylor - 1st Veteran Male (50km); 1st Veteran Male (10km)AwardWillem Potgieter - 15km Club Champion & 1st Senior MaleAndries Vermaak - 1st Veteran Male (15km)David Flint - 1st Master Male (15km)Isabel Geldenhuys - 1st Veteran Female (15km)Dakota Murphy - Cross Country Under 21 Male; 1st Junior Male (10km); 1st Junior Male (21km); 1st Junior Male (8km Time Trial); Noteworthy Performance Junior; Most Consistent Junior Male Derek Brentano - Cross Country Master Male 55-59; 1st Master Male (8km Time Trial)Reform Ndlovu and Derek Brentano - Cross Country Master MaleDiedre Larkin - 1st Great Great Grandmaster Female (15km)

Denise de Souza - Club Champion & 1st Senior Female (42km); Club Champion & 1st Senior Female (32km); Most Improved Female


There has been a significant rise in the selling of Illegal Race Numbers. 

Please take note of the latest ASA Letter in connection to the latest incident surrounding the illegal race numbers. 


Conditioning, Form and Posture Group Sessions

Clinton Hunter (Randburg Harriers club coach) is arranging a get-together for all RacePace athletes and all Randburg Harriers members that will be attending his Tuesday and/or Thursday track sessions.

Meet with coach Clinton on Wednesday 21 January from 5:30pm to discuss our 2014 experiences and our goals for 2015 . The venue will be the Randburg Harriers clubhouse

Also note that as of 4 February,  there will also be Conditioning, Form and Posture Group Sessions on Wednesday afternoons at 5:30 pm. These sessions are FREE , and will aid athletes in improving running economy and efficiency.

Randburg Harriers Welcomes New Club Coach

Dave Coetzee, who has been the Club Coach at Randburg Harriers for well over a decade, resigned from the position at the end of 2014. The Club Committee would like to thank Dave for his dedicated service to our Club. Under Dave’s expert guidance, many of our athletes have improved their running and realized their goals.


Fortunately, the Club Committee has been able to find an able replacement for Dave. 

Clinton Hunter, who is a professional athletics coach, will be taking up the position as our new Club Coach.


One change is that the track training sessions will now be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 17h00 onwards (previously, they took place on Mondays and Wednesdays).


Clinton and his wife, Elsabé, have their own company, RacePace Professional Sports Coaching, and you can find out more about Clinton and his business on his websites: and


Clinton is already coaching the Randburg Harriers RacePace Development Team, and so the transition to being our Club Coach will be an easy one. If you want to improve your running, please join in with Clinton’s track sessions, and chat to him about the additional services that he offers. 


The annual Randburg Harriers Club Championship race schedule for 2015 has been finalised. There have been a few changes, with the marathon championship being moved from the Johnson Crane Marathon to the more popular Pick ‘n Pay Marathon on 8 February, and the half marathon championship being allocated to the Wanderers Half Marathon on 30 August. And take note that the first event is the Varsity Kudus 15 km on 4 January 2015!

Familiarise yourself with the 2015 schedule, and the rules. 

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