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Easter 100

48km & 33km & 19km
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Adrienne Hersch Challenge

21.1km / 10km / 5km


A Marathon Question Are my long runs long enough, isn’t my mileage to low? How’s this speed stuff going to help me? These questions are often asked by my marathon and ultra marathon athletes. I decided to write this article because in the marathon and ultra marathon seasons I have these questions coming up often, so here […]

Randburg Harriers Weekly Newsletter has just been sent out to members.

CGA require ASA registration forms by the end of February. If you have not registered at Randburg Harriers, please complete the Form, register online or alternatively fill out the form with Sarah at Time Trials.

Saturdays and Sundays are weekend club run days (in addition to the time trials on a Saturday).  We run from the Virgin Active Gym where there is secured parking at 6:00am in Summer and 7:00am in Winter.  A standing feature of our weekend runs is Graham Block, who supports all the weekend club run runners […]

Club Activities

17:45 | Thursday
07:00 | Saturday

Time Trials

Visitors, walkers, social and elite runners. 5km / 8km

06:00 | Sunday

Club Runs

Long Slow Distance runs
Non club members Welcome!

17:00 | Tuesday & Thursday

Track Training

Free to all paid up Randburg Harriers members.